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Creative Industry Mothers

In Our Hands has been founded by three new mothers with a drive to continue making high quality theatre alongside our new responsibilities as parents. Many women stop working in the performing arts after becoming mothers, of course for some this is a choice but for many it is down to working in an industry that is not set up to accommodate the needs of parents, especially mothers. Anti-social hours, travel away from home, financial instability and childcare issues are just a few of the challenges mothers face when going back to work after having a child.

There are some great organisations and networks (like PiPA and Mothers who Make) who are making changes to the industry for the better but there is still a long way to go. We feel it’s crucial for the industry and audiences at large not to lose the voice and talent of women in theatre after they become parents.

Central to the Baba’s Song project is our aim to highlight the needs of working mothers and to champion a new way of working. We will be conducting research by talking to theatre venues, asking if they are doing anything to accommodate touring families, if they need more information on what they could do to support touring families and what they might like to do if they had the funds. We will ask them if they can recommend family friendly accommodation in the area and if they know of any ad hoc childminders. If they don’t, and we discover these things, we will ask if they are open to passing on our experiences to other artist parents who perform at their venues in the future?

We will be contacting theatre companies with experience of combining their work and family life to ask what challenges they have faced but also which venues, touring accommodation, rural touring producers etc have been supportive and helpful.

We will explore options for performing daytime shows in community settings where childcare is already available and will contact venues and rural touring producers about putting childcare options into place to accommodate audiences of mothers watching a daytime performance.

We will compile all this information and post on this blog as an accessible online resource.