A time for mum!

Challenges two weeks into Baba’s Song

We are nearly two weeks into our three week rehearsal period for Baba’s Song. The beauty of making your own work alongside others who share similar life circumstances (in our case, we’re all mothers) is that you can make up your own rules as you go. That said, we’ve already come up against some challenges. We don’t have solutions yet, but below is a brief description of some issues we’ve come up against.


At the best of times, three weeks to devise a show from scratch can be a challenge. Before having children, we would have expected/been expected to, spend time in the evenings, writing and learning lines. As new mothers, when we arrive home, we step onto a different stage, into our lives as mothers, hot blooded, 110%-give-it-your-all, mothers setting our own needs to the side for a period, while we feed, bath and settle our babes to sleep. What we’ve discovered is that it is incredibly difficult to do any additional work after leaving the rehearsal space and are discussing potential solutions to this issue.


Though we have all been quite fortunate to be able to arrange childcare for our rehearsal period, we’ve coming up against being able to invite other theatre mothers to view our work in progress. The content of the show is not appropriate for a child audience and we hadn’t anticipated that we’d need to come up with provisions for an audience at this early stage in development.


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